Aaron David Miller

The Lonely Man

With the peace process sputtering, will John Kerry abandon his signature initiative -- or cling to his belief that a deal can really be reached?

Like rock-and-roll, the Middle East peace process will never die. The latest chapter of the ongoing saga has encountered recent travails and may dwindle away. But for better or worse, in some form, the overall process will go on and on -- and on.

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The Naïveté of Distance

The befuddled response to Russia's Crimea takeover shows that America needs a refresher on how the rest of the world actually thinks and works.

The Ukraine crisis has made it clear that there are some crucial facts about world history and geography that Americans don't really understand. As the world digests Russian President Vladimir Putin's aggressive moves and ponders future ones by Russia or other smaller powers, here are a few things about these two profoundly important forces -- or more specifically, the U.S. relationship to them -- that Americans need to keep in mind. Grasping them is, in a word, critical.

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Spies, Swaps, and Sins of Omission

Five ways to tell the Middle East peace process is in big trouble.

I am still betting that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will be able to come up with some fix that will get Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the April 29 deadline for a framework accord and into the great beyond of yet more negotiations. But I must say, the signs don't look good for meaningful progress, let alone breakthroughs.

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Ready to Fight

Obama might be risk averse, but there are at least five scenarios in which he might use military force in the Middle East.

Barack Obama is clearly not prepared to use military force to confront Vladimir Putin's land grab in Crimea, nor most likely in Ukraine should Russia try to gobble up more territory there. Neither is a vital enough interest to warrant intervention.

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Here to Stay

Don't like America leading from behind in the world? Get used to it.

Lately, those bemoaning the fate of the American Experiment have discovered a new way to make themselves (and the rest of us) feel miserable. America is not only in decline and ungovernable, they say. It's withdrawing from the world.

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