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North Korea Enlists the Help of Cuba and China in Shielding Kim Jong Un From ICC

North Korea has long used ballistic missile tests and underground nuclear explosions to proclaim its intentions to the world.

But fearing that the West wants to prosecute their leader, Kim Jong Un, for human rights abuses, North Korean officials are beginning to rely on soft words instead of hard power. In an appropriately bizarre new tact for the Hermit Kingdom, North Korean officials are engaging in an intensive charm offensive designed to persuade world powers to leave their "dear leader" alone.

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Doctors: CDC's New Ebola Tracking Plan Is Political Theater

This story has been updated. 

A day after the Obama administration announced travel restrictions from West African nations -- restrictions that federal public-health officials had once said were unnecessary -- the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that passengers coming from Ebola-stricken countries would be monitored for symptoms for 21 days.

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