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The Secret Service's Public Screwups Just Cost Its Director Her Job

The director of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson, abruptly resigned Wednesday after revelations of a series of frightening security breaches in the protective bubble that is meant to safeguard President Barack Obama and his family prompted widespread calls for her ouster.

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On Hong Kong, China Tells Key Senator to Butt Out

The Chinese government rebuked the powerful chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, instructing New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez to keep his opinions about Hong Kong's democratic unrest to himself. On Tuesday, Menendez had sent a letter to Hong Kong's chief executive, urging him to respect the democratic rights of Hong Kong's people.

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Obama's Foreign Fighters Campaign Is a Gift to the World's Police States

China is not signing up for the U.S.-led fight against the self-proclaimed Islamic State. But the Middle Kingdom has found a lot to cheer for in President Barack Obama's growing push to rally international support for a crackdown on the Islamic extremists flocking to Syria and Iraq to expand the group's self-proclaimed caliphate there.

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