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U.S. government releases Magnitsky list

The Treasury Department released Friday the names of 18 Russian officials who will be subject to visa bans and asset freezes under the Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2013, which requires the U.S. government to identify Russian human rights violators.

16 of the officials named were directly involved in the case of Magnistky, an anti-corruption lawyer who died in Russian prison, allegedly after being tortured by his captors.

We'll have more on this later today, but for now, here's the list in its entirety:

  • BOGATIROV, Letscha (a.k.a. BOGATYREV, Lecha; a.k.a. BOGATYRYOV, Lecha); DOB 14 Mar 1975; POB Atschkoi, Chechen Republic, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • DROGANOV, Aleksey O.; DOB 11 Oct 1975; POB Lesnoi Settlement, Pushkin Area, Moscow Region, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • DUKUZOV, Kazbek; DOB 1974; POB Urus-Martan District, Chechen Republic, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • KARPOV, Pavel; DOB 27 Aug 1977; POB Moscow, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • KHIMINA, Yelena; DOB 11 Sep 1953; POB Moscow, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • KOMNOV, Dmitriy; DOB 17 May 1977; POB Kashira Region, Moscow, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • KRIVORUCHKO, Aleksey (a.k.a. KRIVORUCHKO, Alex; a.k.a. KRIVORUCHKO, Alexei); DOB 25 Aug 1977; POB Moscow Region, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • KUZNETSOV, Artem (a.k.a. KUZNETSOV, Artyom); DOB 28 Feb 1975; POB Baku, Azerbaijan (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • LOGUNOV, Oleg; DOB 04 Feb 1962; POB Irkutsk Region, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • PECHEGIN, Andrey I.; DOB 24 Sep 1965; POB Moscow Region, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • PODOPRIGOROV, Sergei G.; DOB 08 Jan 1974; POB Moscow, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • PROKOPENKO, Ivan Pavlovitch; DOB 28 Sep 1973; POB Vinnitsa, Ukraine (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • SILCHENKO, Oleg F.; DOB 25 Jun 1977; POB Samarkand, Uzbekistan (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • STASHINA, Yelena (a.k.a. STASHINA, Elena; a.k.a. STASHINA, Helen); DOB 05 Nov 1963; POB Tomsk, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • STEPANOVA, Olga G.; DOB 29 Jul 1962; POB Moscow, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • TOLCHINSKIY, Dmitri M. (a.k.a. TOLCHINSKY, Dmitry); DOB 11 May 1982; POB Moscow, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • UKHNALYOVA, Svetlana (a.k.a. UKHNALEV, Svetlana; a.k.a. UKHNALEVA, Svetlana V.); DOB 14 Mar 1973; POB Moscow, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • VINOGRADOVA, Natalya V.; DOB 16 Jun 1973; POB Michurinsk, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].

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Kerry wins a case of beer from Canada

Let no one say Secretary of State John Kerry hasn't scored any diplomatic victories in his short time in office - today in London Kerry won a case of beer from Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird.

The case of Molson Canadian was Baird's way of settling a bet with Kerry over the world women's hockey championship game April 9, in which the U.S. narrowly defeated Canada by a score of 3-2. Kerry and Baird exchanged the beer during a break in the G8 ministerial meetings in London.

This is the second time Baird has lost a hockey bet to the U.S. secretary of state. He was forced to don a New York Rangers' jersey after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's team defeated the Ottawa Senators in the NHL championships last year.

The State Department put out the photos of the beer exchange on its own Tumblr, which is subtitled "Diplomacy in action." Commenters felt the choice of beer could have been better.

"Molson Canadian? Who really won and who really lost here?" read one comment.

"They could have at least given him a decent beer. A Boreale at the least," read another.

There was also another bet on the game betwee White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and Canadian Prime Minister Spokesman Andrew MacDougall that played out on Twitter.

"@PMO_MacDougall Canada wins: I buy u 2 tix to #Sens-#Caps in Ottawa on 4/18. US wins: u buy tix to #Caps-#Sens in DC 4/25 for my son & me," Carney tweeted April 9.

"@PressSec ready to settle the bet. Nosebleeds fine, I presume?" MacDougall responded today.