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Fight Ebola With Ice Bucket Challenge, Fox News Reporter Suggests

Ever since the start of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, State Department officials have had to answer a range of difficult questions from reporters about the U.S. government's flat-footed response. But on Friday, a Fox News reporter entered a whole new line of inquiry: Why hasn't the U.S. launched an Ice Bucket Challenge to respond to the crisis?

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Obama's Ebola Czar Immediately Panned for Lacking Public-Health Experience

In an effort to placate Congress and reassure the American public that the Ebola virus would not spread across the country, President Barack Obama appointed Ron Klain, a political operative with no apparent public-health experience, to oversee the government's response.

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Venezuela's Revenge

Venezuela was elected Thursday to a two-year term on the U.N. Security Council, overcoming long-standing U.S. opposition to its membership on the world body's premier security panel and setting the stage for a potential clash over issues ranging from Syria to Ukraine.

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