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Pentagon Request Shows Scant Science Supports White House’s Ebola Assurances

The Defense Department is seeking research that shows federal public-health officials and the broader medical community have a limited understanding of the Ebola virus, despite their assurances that the public should not panic about the deadly disease.

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U.N. Whistleblower Decries 'Cover-Up of a Cover-Up' Over Darfur Debacle

In April, Foreign Policy published a three-part series documenting the U.N.'s failure to properly report crimes against civilians and blue-helmet peacekeepers in Darfur, prompting calls from the International Criminal Court's top prosecutor, Human Rights Watch, and other organizations for an independent investigation into allegations that the world body was trying to cover up evidence of a failing mission.

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Defense Breaks With the White House on Ebola Response

In a full split with the White House, the Pentagon will monitor all soldiers returning from deployment to West Africa for 21 days even though not one is expected to treat patients for Ebola.

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Space Station Resupply Rocket Crashes in Fiery Explosion

NASA's flirtation with the private sector to provide it with rocket-power took one step back on Tuesday in a very, very large explosion.

Shortly after taking off from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, an unmanned Antares rocket bound for the International Space Station crashed in a fiery bang that, miraculously, didn't leave anyone hurt or killed.

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